This is a Blog Post.

I am simply trying out Blogging (I shouldn’t capitalize that) (but capital letters make a word look nicer)

Or is that only me? (Regarding the Capital Letters… Get It? HaHaHaHa Not Funny)

Its Weird, But If I Capitalize Every Word It Looks Stupid.

Hmm… That’s how I feel like about this Blog.

Even though there a lot of Blogs on the Internet, they don’t look Stupid, because only a Few stand out and make the Internet look ‘nicer’.

I hope I won’t disturb the natural/Technical order of the Web by creating another Blog.

I could have at least made this into a puzzle for the poor readers that just wasted their time reading this. Capital Letters are always a great method to mask a good Puzzle, but it is also pretty obvious if only certain words are Capitalized.

Sorry Readers, I hope my apology is enough to make up for it…

Have a great day everybody (Well, it’s night-time in Germany)